From the end of August 2008, through to the beginning of January 2009,

“Friend of the Roadwarriors” Mr Kevin Knieling and I completed the third leg of his 'ultra-triathalon' together.

We paddled expedition kayaks over 2700 miles from Winnipeg to the Gulf of Mexico.

Starting in Winnipeg, we kayaked up-river, following the Red River against the not-so mild current for about 550 miles to Whapeton, ND. From there we paddled into the Boix de Sioux River, ran out of water and portaged (that is to say we walked, towing our kayaks on little wheels!) 30 miles/50 kms to then paddle again, across a series of huge lakes, into the Minnesota River, before finally joining into the grand old Mississippi River, which we were on for the remaining 1800 or so miles to the Gulf.

This marked the first true joint adventure between the one of the Original Roadwarriors (me) and the

Roadwarrior-In-His-Own-Right, Mr Knieling...  Check out his adventures at his website

Roadwarrior Tom sat this one out, waiting until May 09, when we will reunite again to tackle the 5 month hike that is the Pacific Crest Trail... I can’t wait to hit the trail with him again!

Until then, you can follow the on-river paddle-journal I kept by clicking on the link below, or follow the journey in pictures by visiting the Flash Albums HERE.