Kobie Rhodes.

Hi, thanks for taking a look at the Roadwarriors website. A little about me: I’m from all over... The UK, New Zealand, Australia, & lately, Singapore.

I’ve always loved to travel, so together with Gordy & Tom, the Roadwarriors were born & we’ve had some great adventures together.

I love photography & filming, so I’m the “creative roadwarrior”, handling the website, the videos, and most of the pictures. I earn my $$$ from photography, film making, consulting for the bungy business in Singapore and, as often as possible, from working as a PADI Scuba Instructor.

Please sign the guestbook, or email me at    Cheers! RWK.

Tom Emme.

Tom hails from Minneapolis, where we first met through Gordy in 2003. A keen outdoorsman, Tom was no stranger to hiking, and so was the driving force behind the NZ hike.

As a keen planner and logistics man, he handled all the route planning, resupply and transport for the PCT and earlier, the Continental Divide bike trip & the Northern Tier bike ride. Invaluable ability!

He was a great support-man for my 2008 kayak adventure with Kevin too.

Like myself, Tom has a love for photography, and there are many of Toms pics on this site.

An original founding Roadwarrior, Tom continues to strive for more challenging adventures. He can be emailed at .

Kevin Knieling.

Kevin and I met in New Zealand in 2006. A keen adventurer himself, we quickly became firm friends. He has a heck of a travel resumé under his belt, & like myself, continues to seek the next adventure. We got to experience a tough but rewarding trip together from August 08 to January 09 when we kayaked 2850 miles from Winnipeg to the Gulf of Mexico... that time we were “Riverwarriors”. His adventures can be followed at his own website;   Very cool.

Spencer McKay.

Tom & I had the pleasure of spending many weeks hiking with Spencer during the summer of 2009 as we made our way north along the Pacific Crest Trail. No stranger to thru-hiking, Spencer had previously hiked the Appalachian Trail at his usual amazing speed. At over 6 feet tall, Spencer was hard to keep up with... but great to catch up to. Both Tom & I look forward to our next adventure, hopefully with Roadwarrior-Candidate Spencer alongside us again! His PCT journal is HERE.

Gordy Stremke.

Gordy and I met on Magnetic Island, Australia in 1995. It was his love of fun and adventure that brought me over to his home in Minnesota to meet Tom, & the 3 of us to brave the CDT on mountain bikes. Gordy has been off adventuring solo lately, so although he couldn’t join Tom and I on our latest adventures, he continues to give much needed support both logistically during the Northern Tier, & as a great friend. An original Roadwarrior... Rock solid! Email Gordy at

Ryan Krabill.

Another fellow PCT-er, Tom & I also enjoyed hiking many miles with Ryan along the often tough Pacific Crest Trail.

Not only was Ryan doing the hike for the hell of it like us, he was doing it for more amazing & honorable reasons. Ryan is a cancer survivor, & he was raising funds for the Livestrong Foundation as he toughed it out along the trail. A great friend & trail-buddy, we hope to meet up again for more adventures in the future. Check out & support his efforts HERE.

Here’s a little bit of information about us. Who we are, where we’re from, our friends... that kind of thing.

Katrina and Michael Rosen.

Kevin and I were fortunate enough to meet Kat & Mike when we bought our kayaks from Kat’s shop in Winnipeg. Seven months later, after they’d biked across parts of Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, I was thrilled to have them stay with me here in Singapore for a few weeks. We did a ton of shopping, eating & even some hiking. Their epic adventure continued on up through SE Asia right to Nepal. Check out their superb website at Inspiring!

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Stacie Chapman, Will Oxley and Christa Peterson.

These guys are 3 of the most important and wonderful people Tom and I were fortunate enough to meet during the PCT.

All part of a film crew, they were spending the summer of ’09 documenting the hikers as they made their way north over those long miles. Our joint love of film and film making made us firm friends quickly, and I was always eager to discuss techniques and technology with them.

The biggest impact they had for us though, was the invaluable support they provided. We were prepared for many a long hitch to re-supply, but most times, those problems were completely removed with the multiple rides and use of their huge 4x4 that they provided.

On more than one occasion, we were loaned the vehicle for the whole day to run errands whilst in town. Once,  Stacie even drove us on a 200 mile round trip to sort out some faulty gear we’d bought!

All keen hikers too, they also spent many nights on the trail, not just hauling their camping gear, but all their film equipment too. With that same love for adventure, they may well be joining us for the 2011 bike ride. I certainly hope they can make it!

Their website is HERE. You should check it out!.

Our friends and fellow travellers

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