Travel Journals


Roadwarriors 4: The Northern Tier.

During the summer of 2007, Tom and I mountain biked almost 5000 miles (8000 kms), from Anacortes WA, on the west coast of the USA, to Bar Harbor, ME on the east coast.

We flew to Seattle, unpacked & set up the bikes at the airport, then rode 80+ miles north to Anacortes to begin the journey officially.

Other than a bit of cold in the Cascades, we were very lucky to enjoy the most fantastic weather all summer, and as I had the room and carry-capacity in my bike trailer, I was able to take my Mac the whole way and keep a thorough journal, updating fairly often.

Click the title link above for the bike trip journal. Pictures are HERE.

Roadwarriors Evolution: Riverwarriors.

From the end of August 2008, through to the beginning of January 2009,

Kevin Knieling and I completed the third leg of his 'ultra-triathalon' together.

We paddled expedition kayaks over 2800 miles from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, experiencing everything from glorious sunny days to terrible storms.

Starting in Winnipeg, we kayaked up-river, following the Red River against the current for about 550 miles to Whapeton, ND.

From there we paddled down the Boix de Sioux River into a series of huge lakes, before taking the Minnesota River all the way to the grand old Mississippi, which we were on for the remaining 1800 or so miles to the Gulf.

Click the title link above for the paddle journal. Pictures are HERE.

Roadwarriors 5: The Pacific Crest Trail.

Beginning in mid May of 2009, Tom & I embarked on our most grueling, arduous, but most rewarding adventure to date.

Starting at the monument in southern California, we headed in a northerly direction, aiming to cross into Canada, some months later.

Crossing sage & cactus filled deserts, snow covered mountains, pine forests, grasslands, volcanic wastelands & fast flowing icy rivers, we made our way over 2600 miles on foot to complete an amazing journey.

It took 4.5 months, 5 pairs of shoes & over 16kgs each of lost body mass, but we made it. It was incredible, and we made some wonderful friends along the way.

Click the title link above for the hiking journal. Pictures are HERE.

On my past big adventures, I have managed to keep a travel journal, writing as frequently as possible whilst I was on the trip.

The 2007 bike ride, 2008 kayak trip and 2009 thru-hike are all well documented, both in text and pictures.

The previous adventure Tom and I undertook was the SE-Asia Bike Ride... And now there’s another bike ride coming in summer 2013, where we should be joined by one or two more Roadwarriors!  Click the links below to go to the relevant journal or photo album... Enjoy!

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Roadwarriors 6: South East Asia.

Beginning in early July 2011, Tom & I took off on another adventure, riding our mountain bikes over 4000kms from Hanoi, Vietnam, right back down to Singapore.

We intended to head down Vietnam for the first few week, then over into Laos, but ended up following the Vietnam coastline right around to HCMC, and then through Cambodia, and onward though Thailand, and Malaysia, to end around 2.5 to 3 months later, back in Singapore.

I updated as often as possible, both on the main website journal here, as well as using my iPad and/or iPhone to do quick, ‘instant’ updates to my Blogspot journal. You can see the “iJournal” HERE

The photo albums are HERE

Roadwarriors 7: Out Of Alaska.

Beginning in mid June 2013, Tom & I took are off riding again! This time we are riding OUT OF ALASKA! Starting in Anchorage, AK, we are planning to ride over 5000 kms/3000 miles through the amazing Alaskan and Canadian wilderness, back to Toms place in Minneapolis MN.

We hope to have a couple of mates join us on this ride too, which will make for a fun and intersting first; Roadwarrior Candidates! Will they have what it takes to join the ranks of the Roadwarriors? We will see..!

For now, the Blogger journal (link above in the title) will be the only place I will be posting updates, complete with pictures... but once I am done, I’ll be creating some albums that’ll be found at this website. Keep watching the web-spaces!